[TRANS] Self-composed song sung by Roy Kim on 130802 Chinchin Radio Busking

Video here (introduction starts at 4:37, song starts at 4:50)

세상은 나를 그저 어린 아이로 두려 하지 않죠

The world isn’t scared of a young child like me

세상은 내게 너무 가혹하게도 상처를 안 겼죠

Even if the world is too harsh on me, I will not crumble into misery

세상은 왜 나에게만

Why is the world, just to me

도대체 왜 내 가슴만 아프게 하는지

Why exactly am I the one hurting

저 하늘이 너무 미웠었죠

I hated the heavens a lot

난 아프다

I’m hurting

그리고 또 난 힘들다

And I am also having a hard time

내색하기 않고 꿋꿋이 살아왔던 나였었는데

But I suppressed my feelings and lived firmly

하지만 이 또한 지나가리라

However this will all pass too

아픈 만큼 성숙하리라

I will mature as much as the pain

난 다시 한번 믿고 살아가려 하오

I am going to believe once more and experience life

살아가다 보면 또 아플테요

If I try to live, it’s going to hurt once again

그래도 난 살아보겠소

But still I am going to try to live

행복했었던 행복한 날들 있기에, ooohhh

Because there were those happy days, ooohhh

Translated by Leah @roykim-soul; Please take out with credits.


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