When Joonroy Admitted They’ve been Dating (정희 130220)

Roy: I have sth i curious about, between girl friends do they hold each other’s hand?

Lady Jane: well, we dont really hold hands but probably arms? because it’s kinda awkward since we’re grown-up women. isnt it like that too, for men?

Roy: oh? but we (he and JY) walk while holding hands everyday outside.

Lady Jane: Both of you?

JY: Let me arrange this for you. People who walk with their shoulders being touched each other are not that close. People who walks with linking arm are comfortable to each other. But people who walk while holding hands are loving each other.

Lady Jane: Between men?

JY: Whoever.

Lady Jane: Ooh, men or women?

JY: Yeah. when we (he and Roy) go out we always hold hands like this, so people can see.

Lady: (laugh) both of you, how long have you been dating?

Roy: we’ve been…for 6 months? Since our “Turning into Dust”

Lady Jane: Wah, it’s not surprise that your chemistry is just.. wah..

JY: Oh, When “Turning into Dust” moment, we were alr dating (LOL)

Lady Jane: Wah.. hope you guys have a lovely relationship

*thanks to my dear friend Leah for helping me


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August 15, 2013 · 3:21 am

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