Su Ji (Suzy), Kim Hee Seon (Kim Hee Sun) Shin Min Ah (Shin MinA) cover COSMOPOLITAN.


COSMOPOLITAN select three young actors to represent women in Seoul early 2030 the cover of the magazine celebrates 13 years in September of this magazine with the title ‘Seoul Woman Now!’ That talks about real life and the love of a girl. city ​​by COSMOPOLITAN has selected three young actress is an icon to Kim Lee Seon Shin Min Ah and Suzy of miss A came on the cover and revealing story Kim Hee Seon actress who was chosen as a woman. a beauty from age 20 to 30 than she can convey a couple of raids against Seoul in autumn perfectly. During an interview, she revealed that the couple relaxed and filled with joy at the young age of 10 than that Suu Kyi, who was a top star in the music industry and an actress. Came in cheerful boast attractive full expression in the midst of the temptations that have revealed the presence of the camera. Finally I was selected to be the romance of a young man with Shin Min Ah, she comes in with her rock chic. Called the transformation from girl to girl in a stylized form that everyone must watch. They met with the three men in COSMOPOLITAN September.



Source: PINGBOOK ENTERTAINMENT – – If used, please give credit to the news website.
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August 16, 2013 · 9:52 am

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