[23/08/2013] Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update


드디어 D-DAY.
마지막까지 불태우다.
But see u soon ^^

[English Trans] Finally D-Day. Strive (burning) ’till the last minute. But see you soon^^

[ID Trans] Akhirnya Hari H. Berjuang sampai akhir. Tapi sampai ketemu nanti^^

「D-18 시간!! 마지막까지 열공중!! 기대하라 투모로우~~」(D-18時間!最後まで一生懸命に練習中!期待してね、トゥモロー~~)

[English Trans] D-18 Hours!!  Strive (burning) ’till the last minute!! Stay tuned~~

{ID Trans] D-18 jam!! Berjuang sampai akhir!! Nantikan yaah~~

드디어 고고고~~~♥

[English Trans] Finally Go go go ~~~♥

[ID Trans] Akhirnya Go go go ~~~♥

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