Adult Suzy request for breakthrough image Meng Jia pleasant cooperation with Nichkhun

Text & Photos: Dang Hui Ling, reporting from Seoul
Videos: Teng Siew Eng, reporting from Seoul

Korea girl group miss A attended 《MBC Korean Music Wave 2013》press conference,saying in interview, group girl are a lot in the market nowadays, they indeed feel the pressure of competition.

This week, Xinmsn been invited by organizers to go the press conference in Korea, and having an interview with miss A, who attended the live press conference.

From miss A debuting until now, more and more girl group in K-pop market, selection of fans become more, this make 4 girls feel like “threatened”.

But, member from China, Wang Fei Fei(Fei)feel that,every member in miss A have different personality and style, each have their unique and charm.

Another member from China, Meng Jia(Jia)just saying humbly,characteristic of miss A should judge by fans and public comment: “It’s weird for me to talk about that.”

“Korea Nation Fist Love” Suzy, who just celebrate as an adult (20 years old young men and women) in May this year, does not deny: “Before adult,a lot of restrictions especially in clothes, but it is different now, so feel very happy.”

Image of Suzy become more and more mature femininity,attitude of having desire to seeking a breakthrough and transformation make people pride, believe that most of her fan boys are looking forward to that.


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August 25, 2013 · 1:05 am

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