Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young’s ‘Close Friends’ gets canceled + ‘FM Date’ to be revived as its replacement

MBC FM4U‘s radio show ‘Close Friends‘ will be canceled and replaced with ‘FM Date‘.


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A MBC rep commented on the 28th, “‘Close Friends’, hosted by Jung Joon Young, will come to an end with its final broadcast of on the 30th. ‘FM Date’ will be the replacement program which begins on September 2nd.”


‘Close Friends’ first aired back in 2003 with Eun Ji Won as its DJ and lived up to its name by bringing listeners closer together through music. Everyone’s favorite duo Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim were the most recent to take over the show, but with Roy Kim’s return to school in the States, Jung Joon Young is currently the stand-alone MC of the show.


‘FM Date’ also has history as a radio show which started back in the ’90s and will come back to life in ‘Close Friend’s time slot at 8-10 PM KST.

Source : AllKpop


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August 28, 2013 · 6:23 am

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