Suzy’s fashion analysis – code name ‘twist’

The pure beauty of 2013 is Suzy. She is a whole package. She has a long hair, the symbol of a pure beauty, an innocent face, and a bubbly personality. What accentuates Suzy’s image more is her fashion.

Suzy’s style is close to a twist. Suzy enjoyed sexy styles such as a bottomless look or a micro mini dress instead of a white dress. She showed a pure beauty of a new style emphasizing an innocent face and a healthy silhouette.

She likes black color for her fashion. She chooses black outfits first both for official occasions and for individual schedules such as airports or movie premieres. Stylist Hong Hye-won said, “Suzy likes a chic look. She enjoys wearing a black look in daily lives. She has innocent looks, but she tries the opposite fashion styles.”

She never overlooks the innocent aspect of her looks, however. She chooses her own pure look if necessary. The Suzy-style pure look is characterized by a volume. She emphasized lively vibes by wearing a skirt with layers of laces or a mini dress. When she wore a simple blouse, she picked a volume sleeve blouse to show her own style.

The followings are the pure beauty Suzy’s fashion styles.

★ Bottomless look

A bottomless look is the symbol of a sexy look. The illusion effect gives sexy vibes. Ironically, what the pure beauty Suzy’s favorite is a bottomless look. She boldly revealed her legs with a short top instead of covering her solid legs with a long one.

Suzy’s bottomless look varies depending on seasons. In spring and summer, she wore micro pants underneath a medium-length t-shirt. The neon-colored kill heels or slingback sandals added coolness to a summer look. In fall and winter, she chose a rider leather jacket to emphasize chicness. The studded or buckled walker boots added fierceness.

★ Micro mini dress

A micro mini dress refers to a dress shorter than the existing mini dress. The short length reveals the overall body line. Suzy used a micro mini dress to give off various vibes from sexy to perky. She added smokey makeup according to outfits to show a different charm.

She enjoys wearing vivid colors. Most people match color outfits with simple shoes or accessories. Suzy, however, were different accessories in the same tone. When she wore a paisley pattern, which may make her look old, she chose colorful shoes and an innocent pure bang hairstyle as a lively final touch.

★ Black Look

Black reminds us of Suzy while Suzy reminds us of black. She enjoys wearing black for photo walls, press briefings, and airports. White usually symbolizes a pure beauty but Suzy changed the stereotype.

When she wears a black look, she always uses black from head to toe. She picks outfits with a simple design. She wears uniquely-designed sandals or fancily-detailed walker boots as a fashion point for a style that may look boring.

★ Lovely look
Suzy’s pure look is bubbly. The lively details broke a stereotype. Another key point of Suzy-style pure look is a volume. She chose a tiered skirt with layers of laces, which gave her the effect of making her silhouette slimmer and thinner.

She matched a peach illustrated t-shirt with a peach tiered skirt for loveliness. The orange pumps with a gold point emphasized freshness. On the red carpet, she wore a wide white doll-style dress. At an airport, she matched a jumper dress with a white volume sleeve blouse to show a classic pure beauty.

Source: miss A STARCAST Naver
Written by Song Eun-ju (Dispatch)
Photograph=Dispatch DB


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August 28, 2013 · 8:09 am

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