On October 23, the interview video of IU’s ‘The Show Talk’ was uploaded on the official website of SBS’s MTV ‘The Show, All about K-Pop’ (http://tv.sbs.co.kr/theshow/).

To the question, “Are you the best friend of Suzy? How many times do you see her a week?” IU said, “I am close to Suzy, but we almost cannot see each other due to our busy schedules.”

IU said with a smile, “Suzy promised me to go driving with me since she has recently obtained a driver’s license. I will go driving in Suzy’s car.”

IU said to her fans, “I am enjoying promoting the latest album ‘The Red Shoes’ since it has come out after a long time. Please listen to ”The Red Shoes’ a lot and give me a lot of support.”



Photograph=Website of SBS’s MTV ‘The Show, All about K-Pop’
By Kim Min-ji minji06@tvreport.co.kr
Copyright ⓒ tvreport.co.kr Unauthorized Reproduction and Distribution Prohibited
source: m.star.naver


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October 26, 2013 · 2:19 pm

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