Roy Kim untuk sementara kembali ke Korea untuk konser ‘Superstar K5’ dan konser solo

Roy Kim to temporarily return to Korea for ‘Superstar K5’ concert and solo concert
Roy Kim will return for the time being to all of the fans who miss him in Korea!


CJ E&M stated on the 10th, “Roy Kim will return [to Korea] soon to hold his own solo concert and perform at the ‘Superstar K5’ concert.”


“Nothing has been decided yet concerning if he’ll continue with his domestic activities or return to the States and continue with his studies following his arrival. First off, as much as he will return during his break, he wants to meet with his domestic fans so this event was arranged.”


A CJ E&M rep also clarified that the singer is not under an artist-agency relationship with them as the company helped manage his activities as he was the winner of their produced show ‘Superstar K4’, so it is rumored that the singer may be looking for a new agency during this time as well.


Roy Kim will perform at the ‘Superstar K5’ Top 10 concert held at Seoul Olympic Handball Gymnasium on the 28th and follow up with his ‘2013 Roy Kim Mini Concert – Our Winter’ at Yonsei University Baekyang Concert Hall on the 29th at 6 PM KST.


Although this is exciting news for fans, we’re sure his buddy and fellow ‘Superstar K4’ contestant Jung Joon Young is probably just as excited!


S: Allkpop


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