Yoon Si Yoon is suave and sexy with his recent weight loss for ‘Allure Korea’

Actor Yoon Si Yoon threw hearts out to the single ladies this holiday season for ‘Allure Korea‘!





Yoon Si Yoon celebrated the coming of the new year with confetti and balloons as the suave guy you wish would show up at your doorstep this Christmas. His face also looked more defined with his 7 kg (~15 lbs.) weight loss for ‘Prime Minister and I‘.


Yoon Si Yoon shared how he wants to be more like his character, “I can call Kang In Ho as the man I want to be like in my thirties. I have an honest and open personality like Kim Tak Gu but I want to be more refined in expressing my emotions. Because I’m starting to age, I want my visuals to blossom.”


Check out more of Yoon Si Yoon’s behind-the-scenes stories on ‘Allure Korea’s January issue!

Source: AllKpop

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December 20, 2013 · 4:30 am

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